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Oleh Amir Zaman (Kiriman Zaharudin)

Assalamualaikum ikhwan semua,
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I am a fan of parti PAS and will always vote for parti PAS for my own personal reasons. However, I'm seeing PAS is not doing enough to enhance its images among the people. Surely, now PAS has enough smart people to think of the proper strategy to win the hearts of the people to win the election?? The problem is, this is not apparent to the regular guy like me. I have many friends who are professionals. Most are very objective in their thinking. Most are not hardcore UMNO supporters. Most are unsure who to vote come the election later this year or early next year. However, PAS is doing nothing to help sway these guys into voting in its favour. I'm sure PAS is doing something to prepare for the election. But this is simply not affecting us professionals... which is a pity. Why? Because professionals are the easiest group for PAS to target because we tend to think logically and not just follow the herd or the heart. If PAS can do a good job at convincing the professionals why we should vote for PAS, then most of us will. As it is now, I think PAS is doing a pretty lousy job at this because we don't really know what is PAS all about. Is it just an opposition to UMNO? Is it an extremist parti which cannot be trusted? Is it just a parti which cares about religion and nothing else? If not, what then? PAS has to make these issues crystal clear to the people. Sure, we understand that UMNO is putting a squeeze on PAS' communication outlets to the people. But what about the outlets that are still open? Have PAS used these to the fullest efffectiveness? My opinion is a big NO! Let's look at some examples. Look at PAS' website. It's full of many things, but nothing that would help the undecided to make an informed decision to vote for PAS. Instead, it's full of other stuff that doesn't serve PAS' political purposes. It's main highlights are the bad news about UMNO and the recordings of PAS leaders' activities. How much do these items help in thinking favourably of PAS? Not much really.. Okay, it may say that UMNO is bad, but maybe PAS is bad too?? Two points I would like to highlight:

1.    In these day and age, most people would use the internet as the first medium to look for information. Almost all people have access to internet these days. So, it is extremely important for PAS to put the most important info on its main website to help the undecided to make an informed decision about PAS. All the stuff that is meant for PAS members should be put elsewhere. You can always put a link at the website for people to go to stuff such as recordings on PAS leaders' activities, bad news about UMNO, hansards, program schedules, etc. PAS must reorganize the contents of the website and highlight the following items instead:

    a.    Dasar & Matlamat
    b.    Manifesto
    c.    Clarification on PAS' idea of Islamic state.
    d.    A clear description on how things will be if PAS is the ruling party. Make this as clear as possible. Describe it nicely into a story so people can actually visualize how things will be.
    e.    Declare clearly with conviction and commitment how PAS is going to do the above in (d).
    f.     Explain clearly why voters should believe that PAS is actually going to do what it says it's going to do.
    g.    Explain clearly why PAS is capable of carrying out what it says it's going to do. For example, highlight the numbers of professionals in PAS, highlight the credentials of PAS' MPs and leading men, highlight what PAS has been able to achieve in Kelantan and Terrengganu. In short, highlight all the good stuff about PAS.

2.    Stop making highlights of bad news about UMNO as the main feature in your website. It doesn't serve a lot of purpose. In my opinion, this strategy on highlighting opponent's weaknesses is an old strategy which is not very effective when people are contented. It only works if people are already upset about something. Otherwise, most people just don't care and ignore it. PAS strategy should be to highlight its own good features so as to avoid people thinking about UMNO. PAS should think hard about making people thinking positively about itself that people become confortable with PAS as an alternative ruling party. Once this is achieved, the bad stuff people hear about UMNO will help strengthen people's perception about the wise decision they are making in voting for PAS.

3.    When mentioning anything bad about UMNO, always emphasize that these kinds of things can be avoided if PAS is well-represented in the Parliment. Highlight to the people how the Parliment has become just a rubber stamp. Explain how it is important to have checks and balances, otherwise abuse will take place. Give examples of instances where the balance number of representatives in Dewan Rakyat has managed to force the state governments to make decisions according to what the people want. Explain how a strong opposition has forced the ruling party to listen more to the people's voices, instead of just doing whatever they please. Highlight how a strong opposition means a stronger voice from the people in the Dewan and Parliment.

4.    PAS must update its website regularly. How can this NOT be the case?? Pls visit Puteri UMNO's website. They update their website regularly and have been very effective in swaying people in their favour. PAS must learn from its foe.

5.    PAS should highlight a profile on one of its MPs the front page of its website and change it every week or two weeks. Describe the credentials of the MP. Explain what he is doing at the moment. Explain why he should be elected again in the next election.

6.    Don't put the whole hansard of the Dewan Rakyat on the website. Instead, prepare a summary and put it clearly on the website for people to read. Highlight what are the issues brought up by PAS' representatives. What are the things PAS' reps trying to make good in the Dewan. People have no time to read the whole hansards. So, it's just a waste of space in your servers to keep all these huge files. Anybody who wants to read it, put a note that they can email and request for it. PAS must be effective and efficient in its operations.

7.     ALL PAS MPs and DUN REPS MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS! THIS IS HIGH-TECH AGE! HOW CAN ANYBODY IN POLITICS NOT HAVE ACCESS TO EMAILS?? People are uncomfortable to just pick up the phone and call an MP or DUN. They are more likely to send you emails these days to ask questions or make a suggestions. If you don't have emails, YOU ARE AT LOSS!

You know, I'm really upset to see PAS has not done anything of the above things. Instead, it keeps talking about how bad UMNO is. PAS has simply not done enough to help its own cause. OK fine, UMNO is bad. Most people already know that... But people also know that they can lead a country since the independence... What about PAS? Who knows if it is capable of leading Malaysia or not... PAS hasn't done anything to convince the people that it can lead... I honestly think PAS should start doing that.. Exploiting issues about UMNO only works for village people who are emotional in making decisions. Also, issues only affect people's mind in short term. Take the Anwar issue.. It doesn't affect people's decision-making process as strongly now as it was then in 1999..  What's lasting is PAS' own good qualities. Talk about them as often as you can to the people. Only then people will start to believe in PAS. Focus people's mind on PAS only. Forget about how bad UMNO is. Don't focus people's mind on UMNO. When anybody talks badly about somebody else, the listeners will normally become defensive and skeptical. This is normal behaviour of people. So, start focusing on the positives!!! DO IT NOW! DON'T DELAY!! Semoga berjaya!! InsyaAllah..

Yours sincerely,

Rashid <> - 18.08.2003
Tapak Cerminan M@RHAEN - - -

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